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Imago Mundi Dutch Collection

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It’s beautiful! Thank you Rosa Maria Falvo curator of Luciano Benettons’ Imago Mundi project, for asking me to take part in this wonderful project.

I’m very happy that the Imago Mundi Dutch Collection has been mounted in permanent display and housed in Treviso, Italy, at the Benetton Foundation, as part of the worldwide art project.

The catalogue, published by Fabrica, Benetton can be ordered directly from the Imago Mundi website, look out for it under the Europe Collections:


Tokyo International Art Fair, 26 – 27 may 2017

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In may I joined Tokyo International Art Fair. An amazing experience to be in Japan!

グローバルアートエージェンシー(The GAA Ltd.)が主催する「TOKYO INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR」が、2017年5月26日(金)27日(土)渋谷ヒカリエにて開催されます。 東京では第3回目となる本フェアは、言語や文化を越えアートを通じて国際交流をするための祭典として、世界40カ国以上から150名を越える参加アーティストが、一つの至極の空間の下で様々な素材や技法を用いた現代アートを紹介します。東京に集約された世界各国のアーティスト作品は、直接その場で購入することができます。

The city of Tokyo will be playing host to hundreds of talented artists from all around the world when it stages the third Tokyo International Art Fair by Global Art Agency (The GAA Ltd) on 26-27 May 2017, Hikarie Hall Shibuya. More than 150 exhibitors from over 40 countries will be filling the prime located venue with an incredible display of art, with more pieces than ever before gathered under one roof for visitors to admire and to buy in the city’s largest Artist showcase of modern and contemporary art.


exhibition “Future landscapes” Venice, oct 06 – nov 27 2016

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future landscapes venice 2016

FUTURE LANDSCAPES, International Art and Architecture Festival, that will be hosted in Venice, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi and Venice Art House Gallery, from October 06 to November 27, 2016.

It’s LIQUID Group is selecting all interesting photo, painting, design/architecture projects, video-art, installation/sculpture and performance art works to include in the next exhibition wnwgggy. FUTURE LANDSCAPES, International Art and Architecture Festival, is the third event of BORDERS Festival that will be hosted in Venice, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi and Venice Art House Gallery, from October 06 to November 27, 2016 during the period of Venice Biennale.

FUTURE LANDSCAPES – Human creativity always spreads all over the world. For thousands of years we have applied our imagination and inventiveness to shape our landscapes. Cities are leading to a new aesthetic change that aims to rebalance the combination of humans and nature, not only to restore natural systems and ecological integrity but also to deliver beautiful, engaging and remarkable landscape experiences.

Today we face many challenges that require a big effort in mixing new frontiers to create new extraordinary places and spaces. We aim to generate future landscapes without mental and physical borders, in which the human being is completely free.

Each event will present an exclusive selection of artworks, video screening program, intense live performances, with its own dedicated opening ceremony and PR campaign go to this site. At the end of the whole exhibition cycle there will be the publication of a catalogue. Artists interested in taking part in our shows, are free to be sponsored and supported by institutions, organizations, governments and their representers; the logos of their sponsors will be included in all the communication (digital and print) of the events. The number of works you can submit is unlimited. The participation in the festival requires an entry fee only for selected artworks.

World Art Dubai 2016

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My  new works at World Art Dubai 6 – 9 april 2016!

World Art Dubai 2016

What to Expect?

Connecting global artists and galleries with Dubai’s international community of passionate art lover and collectors, World Art Dubai 2016 will showcase an impressive global collection of more than 3,000 paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs and much more ranging from US$100 – $10,000. Featuring fresh, contemporary and accessible pieces from new and established artists and galleries, this four-day extravaganza will also boast an expanded programme of engaging educational sessions, cultural activities and world-class entertainment.

Conversations – Art Talks & Creative Learning Workshops Free and informal talks, taking place daily at 2.30pm, on everything from information on buying art, what is art?, collecting in a digital world to alternatives in art, Street Art and chapters from the history of art collecting prednisone 20mgView the programme.

Hands on creative learning workshops from our partner The Jam Jar giving visitors both adults and kids an opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique creative experience from 3D Paper Sculpture to The Elements of Art. View the programme.

4th International Emerging Artist Award

Spectacular showcase of contemporary art works with a world class presentation ceremony rewarding Emirati and international artists. Wednesday 6th April at 6pm in the Red Dot Lounge

Art for every Wall – AED 3000 and under

Featuring a variety of original art works from over 40 artists with art for sale from AED500 to AED3000.  See pieces from as far a field as the USA, Canada, UK, France, Russia, Korea and Japan to Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. We have something for everyone for all budgets!

Red Dot Lounge

An exclusive lounge & café (catering done by the award winning Coya Restaurant) where visitors can take a break, relax, catch up with friends and contemplate their favorite artworks or potential purchases.

Art Installation Zones

Amazing art installations from local and international artists showcasing how art can transform the perception of a space.

Live Painting

We have some fantastic artists taking part in our live painting demonstrations from Mono Printing to Cosmic Energy painting and even feet painting!

Ripe Contemporary Design & Crafts Market (Friday 8th and Saturday 9th only)

Assorted selection of hand – crafted goods, jewelry, small items of furniture brought to you by a diverse selection of local artists and crafters.

Visual Science of Art Conference Liverpool

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In August 2015 I joined the VISUAL SCIENCE OF ART CONFERENCE in Liverpool with Utrecht University to talk about our latest research experiment in visual perception. The Conference was a very interesting and inspiring experience.

There is a growing interest in studying interactions between perception and art website link. An increasing number of publications and meetings have encouraged researchers, scholars and artists to gather together as a community that can cooperate, discuss and develop new scientific perspectives

In 2012 the Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC) emerged as an academic conference, organised by Baingio Pinna. The first VSAC was a satellite meeting to the 36th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) held in Sardinia, Italy. It was followed by the second VSAC in Belgrade in 2014.

In 2015 we welcome participants to a satellite meeting on the Visual Science of Art (VSAC). VSAC welcomes all kinds of work and approaches, from phenomenological to biological and computational, exploring the link between the science of perception and the arts. It also includes studies that might suggest new ideas and new findings useful for the experimental foundation of a Science of Art.



Edge-Based Shading as a Depth Cue in Paintings

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Research in Art & Perception 

Next to being an active artist creating my own works of art I have built up experience in doing research on visual perception, especially on how people perceive the works of art I create, this in collaboration with Prof. dr. S. te Pas, Prof. dr. J. Koenderink and dr. A. van Doorn at the Department of Experimental Psychology of the Utrecht University. This research focusses on the connection between the different techniques in which an artwork can be created and their effects on the visual percept of the resulting work of art. By developing or using existing scientific methods from the visual sciences I have learned how to study different perceptual experiences of an onlooker who is confronted with different kinds of technical aspects of two-dimensional renderings. Only drawings and paintings I have created myself are used in my scientific enterprises. I like to share the articles we published and will publish in the future with you on this website.

Here is the abstract of the first article which is already published. You can find the whole article through the following link:



Edge-Based Shading as a Depth Cue in Paintings

We explored how an artist who uses a particular monochrome modern painting style generates the impression of relief in paintings. Three portraits, painted after model, were created especially for the experiment. Photographs of the paintings were presented on a computer screen. To investigate the perceived relief of observers we used a gauge figure task. We expected an effect of background contrast on perceived total depth range of the relief, because this is well known in the case of pho- tography. We found that the contrast with the color of the canvas, white, gray or black, influences the perceived articulation of the relief but does not influence the perceived total depth range of the relief. The major difference between photographs and these paintings is that contrasts in the paintings are built up through edge-based shading, whereas photographs mostly contain tonal-area shading. The classical shape from shading cue does not apply to the impressions of depth evoked by the paintings. Perhaps surprisingly edge-based shading can be as effective as classical ways of creating pictorial relief.

Authors: Marianne E. Venderbosch; Andrea J. van Doorn; Jan J. Koenderink and Susan F. te Pas

Affiliations: 1: 1Experimental Psychology, Helmholtz Institute, Utrecht University, Heidelberglaan 1, 3584 CS Utrecht, The Netherlands

On the cover of the journal Art & Perception 2 one of my paintings is published.