I prefer to work in series created from a certain idea or concept. In every series I allow myself to experiment in different techniques. This gives me the feeling of freedom that I need as an artist.
In the series Moods I worked in black and white techniques, directly after model. The subject is a model painted on a white, black or grey ground-color. I discovered that the ground-color has an important role in my paintings. For this reason I started to experiment with different grounds. In the series Golden Treasures I painted with oil on 24 karat gold leaf on panel. The subjects are the faces of the Angel and Maria in The Virgin of the Rocks  of Leonardo da Vinci and the face of Venus and the portrait of Simonetta Vespucci of Sandro Botticelli. The title Treasures refers to the beauty of the original masterpieces and the material gold. In the series Collection Micallef, my inspiration for the images comes from natural forms and movements: lines of gold and colors applied next to each other on a white canvas, with no specific figuration or example derived from reality. 
The underlying motivation to create the series with gold in combination with color is my fascination for the element gold. Gold is a precious metal and reflects light in a magical way. I am interested in the way the light is reflected on the object where the gold is applied in different ways. What is the effect on the light reflections when paint is added over gold leafs or when the gold leaf is applied next to paint? How is it perceived by the observer?
In my newest series I experiment with digital techniques in combination with traditional painting and drawing techniques.
In December 2019 I will launch my new series of bracelets made in 925 silver and 925 silver plated with 22 karat gold. The design for the bracelets goes back to the Micallef Collection series that I made at the artist in residence Convento de Mertola in Portugal in April/May 2019.
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